Thursday, December 25, 2008


Later in November Carly & I went to present at the Sport Canada conference in Gatineau. The conference was all about sport policy, and it brings together academics and policy makers. I found it quite neat.

Carly & I also took some time to shop and tour around Ottawa, and to walk along the waterfront in Gatineau. We also checked out the 2 sides of Gatineau. One is the new, hip area with lots of restaurants and shops. Many of the buildings have been renovated.

The other side is the older area, where few of the buildings have been changed. It's like a tiny little town. It's like the two sides aren't part of the same city at all, they were so different.

I had forgotten how cold Ottawa is too. We decided it was the dampness. We were lucky though, because we had no snow to deal with while we were there.

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