Thursday, December 25, 2008


Christmas finally arrived. We feel bad because Mom has been here since Dec 13, and we did nothing Christmasy for ages. In fact, poor Mom had to decorate the house! I was trying to finish an essay, so I was focused on that and nothing else. We bought a tree, and it sat undecorated for days, until the 23rd when we finally managed to decorate it. By then it was so dry we lost half the needles! Fortunately, it still looks good. We just can't touch it.

On Christmas Eve Sarah & Nicholas came over for dinner. Sarah brought a fabulous salad with blackberries, mandarines, and more, and a raspberry vinagrette. John made 2 types of chili, and a wonderful garlic herb bread. So good!

Today we had a quiet day. We cleaned up from last night, then started opening gifts around 10:30. We all got some fabulous things. I got some great jewellry, some tops, a jacket, and lots more. John got a knife sharpener, lots of work-out clothes, and kitchen gadgets.

Mom got a sweatshirt, a necklace, and a copy of my blog book. Molly got a fancy reindeer toy, lucky dog!

In the afternoon I had to have a nap because I have a cold. Mom did some reading, and John rode his bike on his trainer. Molly wandered around from room to room.
For dinner we had a brined turkey, mashed potatoes, turnip, corn, and gravy. Yummy!

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