Saturday, August 31, 2013

Trip to Britain, part 1

John, Peter, Pauline & Maurice went to Britain in August. Peter was competing in the Police & Fire Games in & around Belfast & Carrickfergus. They rented places in Ireland, Scotland, & England. They also spent a lot of time with family. It was the trip of a lifetime for all them. John found it quite emotional, but really enjoyed his time there. I am so glad they had this chance.

John took a lot of pictures, so there will be multiple posts to get them all on the blog.

Here we go!

The view from their rental in Groomsport.

Local bakery in Belfast, at the market

In Carrickfergus - apparently cycling is more accepted in Ireland

Peter, getting ready for the road race

Start of the race

They are off!

Car show outside Carrickfergus Castle

Pauline and her new glasses

Chain Reaction Cycles in Belfast

Peter getting ready for the time trial

Another Canadian in the Time Trial

And Peter is off!

Visiting Carrickfergus Castle

Inside the Castle as Peter rides

John's new friend

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