Saturday, August 10, 2013

Last Day with Mr D

Darwin leaves tomorrow. I can't believe it. It will be so hard to lose him, even though he is going on to do a good thing. He will like having a job, I think. This morning the poodles & I cuddled for a long time. Mr D let me hold him like a baby while I cried. I think Paisley is wondering what's happening. She can sense that I'm upset, but obviously doesn't understand why. I think she will be so sad when Darwin isn't around. They get along so well, and play all the time. They are a perfect match, really.

I hope it's possible for Darwin to understand how much we love him, and that we don't want him to go. I hope he doesn't feel abandoned. I worry about sending him off with a stranger to live in a strange place doing strange things. I know he will adjust, but I worry that it'll be scary for him initially. I have no way to make the transition easier for him. It's hard for John too, since he isn't here to see him off. He cried at the airport when he had to leave him. I am lucky that I was able to have this extra time with him.

We have had a good day though. A good cuddle in the morning, a nice walk, a trip to the park, and we'll have another walk and more cuddles tonight. Hopefully the morning will also bring some snuggling in bed, then a nice walkie before his person arrives. Then tears, tears, and more tears for me. Poor Paisley will really wonder what's going on when I want to hug her all the time.

Goodbye Mr D, we love you very much, and want you to have the best life. Thanks for being such a wonderful member of our family. You are so special to us.

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