Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Tour of Alberta! On the Road, Part 1

After the riders left town, we drove out to see the on the road. Because of the floods the route had to change so there were no mountain, and few hills. We decided to go see them on the one hill we knew they would ride. Quite a few people had the same plan. 

The hill they will come up. 

Thunderstick Destroyer extraordinaire! And all around cutie. 

Always has to be someone in those silly suits. In this car, a couple of youngsters. 

It's important to stretch before running alongside the peloton. 

We met a couple of really nice guys from High River. They brought beer. 

Now it gets exciting!

Here comes the break!

Cadel Evans

And the field comes up the hill. 

Garmin on the front for Rohan Dennis. Thomas Dekker spent most of the stage at the front of the peloton, protecting Dennis & setting the pace. 

The team cars


From here we turned around and headed to the next vantage point. 

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