Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Tour of Alberta! The Finish

We drove from the second vantage point back into Black Diamond to wait for the finish. We did a little shopping for souvenirs, had some lunch, and tried to find a good place to stand. There were even some famous photographers there. This is Casey B. Gibson, I believe.

And the winner is: Cadel Evans!

Celebratory dance

He rode right behind us to get to the awards area!

Thomas Dekker coming in after riding on the front of the peloton all day. Turns out he was riding on a broken leg as well, after a fall early in the Tour. We saw him later, with Christian Vande Velde and Ryder Hesjedal, heading into the coffee shop where we had lunch. Dekker is the skinniest man I have ever seen. Absolutely scrawny. I was pretty excited to see them up close and in person, though not as excited as some male fans who were giggling like schoolgirls! It was certainly a highlight of the day for me. 

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