Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Meeting Paisley's Brothers

Brian lives in Calgary. He first got Jaxon from Carolaine Acres. Jaxon is also a Sassy/Ulysses pup, but from a 2010 litter. Then he got Mackenzie from Paisley's litter. He sometimes visits family in Taber, so he contacted me to see if we wanted to get the pups together on his way there. We met with them at Peenaquim so that the dogs could get acquainted and get some running in.

I don't think they recognized each other, but they were happy to hang out for sure. Jaxon & Mackenzie have a very specific play style, so much of the time Paisley chased them around as they played with each other. She didn't seem to mind, and every now and then one of them would chase her or let her chase him. She loved that part of the visit!

It was great to meet the boys and Brian. Hopefully we can get together with some regularity.

Jaxon is older, and is black & white. Mackenzie is the same age as Paisley, and he is the lighter coloured fellow. The 3 of them got a lot of running in!

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