Monday, March 15, 2010

What's Been Going On

Well, we've had a pretty quiet start to the year. Lately I've been doing interviews for my thesis, and am almost done that process. Next is transcription, then coding. Then all I have to do is write it!

John has been training for a marathon at the end of May. He ran 14 miles this past Saturday. He's doing the Moonlight Run on Saturday. I would like to do it, but since I haven't run in 2 years now, that's probably not a great idea.

Sadly, I still haven't been exercising regularly. I want to, but I still have an energy deficit many days. Fortunately, I have been cycling a little bit more, and find that I am enjoying that, and it makes me want to do it more regularly. I'm really hoping that as the weather improves I can get on my bike daily, which I think will help me get back into exercising regularly. One thing I've realized is how much I need to be on my bike for psychological reasons.

Anyway, one exciting thing has happened, and that's for the next entry.

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