Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We've had some unusually warm weather lately, so all the snow is melting. The warmth is nice, but the resulting mess on the roads & sidewalks is not. I haven't ridden my bike to work all winter. John rode today but found it is still quite slippery in places. Given my lingering psychological issues with instability on my bike I think I'd better wait a little longer before trying it.

In the meantime, Molly & I went for a nice walk today. It's a beautiful day, very sunny and 7 degrees right now. I took my camera, but still just used the auto setting. I'm planning to attend a class next weekend, so maybe I'll try some of the manual setting after that. I loved the light and shadows, so I concentrated on that. I also love this camera because it can zoom in without blurring.  Here are the pictures we took (or at least some of the better ones!).

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