Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year, 2010!

Well, I only took 2 pictures last night! One of Fundy, because she's so darn cute, and one of Michelle, mostly for the same reason! Michelle was trying on Melanie's boots in the hopes of feeling taller. I think it helped, as long as she didn't try walking in them. None of us can understand how Melanie walks in those high heels. She wears them all the time as well. Crazy!

Jennifer & Courtney hosted another great party. This was a fondue party, which was fun. I couldn't eat the cheesy ones, but they looked great. I had lots of the chocolate one to make up for it. I tried a GF angel food cake, and it was really good. It's one of the few things I've found that I think I might prefer the GF version. It worked really well for dipping in the chocolate as well, as it had pretty good structure.

John & I headed home around 2am, but the others carried on, as usual. I think they were still up at 5am. I'm far too old for that!

I hope you all had safe, fun, and happy celebrations last night. We wish everyone the best in 2010! We'll see what this year brings.

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