Sunday, May 31, 2009

Edie, Take 2

Edie was returned from the first adoptive family. We were looking after her again temporarily when another family wanted to adopt her. I did the home visit, and they seemed like nice people. They have an Australian Shepherd named Amber who will be Edie's big sister.  We had to give her away a second time. That may be the first time that's happened. It was heartbreaking for us to see her go again. 

When I brought her home again Molly was so excited to see her. She was so happy! They started playing again right away. I think they both wondered what was going on, why they'd been separated for a couple of weeks. 

She is a very cute dog. We really hope it works out this time for the little pup. 

If you look closely at the pictures, there's one where it looks like the little dog is smoking!

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