Saturday, October 13, 2007


John went to take the dog out tonight about 8:30pm, and there were 3 deer hanging around the neighbours' house, eating in their garden. I had to try some pictures, using the "night picture" function on my camera. You'll probably want to enlarge them to see the deer better. I couldn't get rid of the red (white!) eye though.

There was a really nice sunrise this week too. I was actually up early enough to see it, which is something these days. It's back to work on Monday though, so I'd better get used to the early mornings again. Things are still healing, but I'm doing fairly well. Hopefully soon I can get back to working out and riding. The doctor thinks I should be riding again by November, so I'm planning for that. I started therapy this week too, so I'm hoping that'll move the recovery along.

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