Saturday, June 09, 2007

Longest Ride So Far

While John at the school working today, I went out for a ride. I made it to Picture Butte and back. It was 62km in total. It was great on the way there, the wind was at my back and it was generally downhill. Coming back though-big surprise-not so fun. I was riding mostly uphill, directly into the wind. The wind wasn't too bad, but after riding 30km, it felt pretty strong on occasion! I only managed an average speed of 24km/hr. Hopefully with more riding that will improve. It's not fast enough to keep up with John & Jay. I'll need to bring it up over to keep with them. They both have about 4 years more riding in than I do.
I forgot to put sunscreen on my legs, and they are burned. I'm not used to my legs getting any sun. I have a real tan going though, which is really unusual for me.

Here are a couple of pictures, just to prove I actually made it! The view is of Lethbridge from a distance. The cutest thing I saw was two little foals playing. They were really small, and absolutely adorable. Unfortunately there was no safe place to stop for a picture.

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