Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Big Hike, Part 1

We went out for dinner last night, to Ric's, which is in a converted water tower. We had a great meal, but it was quite large! Pauline & I decided to go for a long walk this morning to work it off. We were out for 2 hours and 15 minutes! We walked down one of the paths near the University, over the bridge, down the river bank, back over the bridge, and up the steps & slope towards the Ridgewood subdivision. The stairs and slope are really steep, much more than they appear, so it was a good work out. We're all going to have a nap this afternoon, expcet perhaps Maurice. Although he was out working in the yard this morning, the hockey playoffs are on, so he'll likely watch the games this afternoon. The first one is already on. John & Pauline went to Home Hardware to pick up some odds & ends. I've attached some pictures from the walk.

Pauline & I are going to Calgary tomorrow, so we should have more to report then.

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