Sunday, September 18, 2011

Drumheller 2011

We decided to take a trip to Drumheller this weekend. None of us had been, so it seemed like it might be fun. We were able to rent a little bungalow attached to the Heartwood Inn so that the little dog could come. Because she is still healing she couldn't stay at a kennel. I think she enjoyed the trip, and was a really good little dog for the most part. We managed to tire her out each day.

Drumheller is a strange, strange place. Possibly even stranger than Red Deer, I don't know. We had fun anyway, although the trip had some less than stellar moments.

For example, we had just merged onto the highway to Vulcan when a car going the wrong way drive down the highway toward us. Then we stopped for a pee break in Strathmore. I won't explain the whole situation here, but let's just say John just about knocked me over with the car, accidently of course. I hurt my back, and unfortunately it bothered me the whole weekend. It's still sore on occasion, but at least the spasms have lessened.

Here are some pictures from Horse Thief Canyon.

We crossed the Bleriot Ferry as well, one of the oldest cable ferries in Canada, and the last one of 13 that crossed the Red Deer River.

The scenery was equally gorgeous on the way back to Drumheller.

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