Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Off Leash!

We took Paisley to Peenaquim Park for her first off leash walk the other day. We went with Wendy, Coulee, & Lacey. I thought it was safest to go with someone whose dogs would come back, thus encouraging Paisley to do the same! Wendy has some great pictures on her post. Paisley had the best time ever! She loved every minute of it, except maybe for leaving. I was happy she was comfortable wading into the water. I need to take her to a place that is a little shallower so she can learn to swim. The shore at Peenaquim is quite steep, and the water is fast moving because of all the rain we've had. I know I'd feel more comfortable with her swimming abilities before sending her off in the river.

I didn't get many good shots. I need a bigger and better lens in order to get pictures like Wendy. One day that'll happen, but not now. I love the one of Lacey though, it's my favourite.

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