Friday, May 06, 2011


On Saturday we went to pick Paisley up from the breeder in Swansea Pt, BC. We had dinner with them, then headed for Banff to spend the night there. That was something, as apparently combining the end of the semester with the last ski weekend creates quite a "frat house" atmosphere! As we pulled up 2 guys were streaking. Sheesh. We had a pretty good night despite that, and despite it being Paisley's first night away from home.

Paisley is such a good girl. She is amazing in the car, not even a peep. She also loves to cuddle, which I love too. She is very loving, and very funny. She is also pesky, of course, and has discovered digging, which drives me up the wall. However, given that she's only 8.5 weeks old, I can't expect perfection. All in all, she is a great little dog, and we are so happy to have her. We love watching her walk around the house, and her sit is adorable. She is fabulous!

You will be seeing lots of pictures of her in the coming months, I suspect, so be prepared. Even Wendy has taken some of her already, and her pictures are amazing! Check them out at these links:

Paisley 1
Paisley 2
Paisley 3

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