Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dogs are Good

Wendy recently took some pictures of our friend Bobbi's dogs. Her older dog Sophie hadn't been feeling well. When I saw the pictures I cried, because Sophie reminded me so much of Molly near the end of her life. Here are the pictures Wendy took: 

Sadly, Sophie died last night. I feel so badly for Bobbi and her family. Having been through this recently I can empathize with how they must be feeling.

Dogs bring so much to our lives. The void that's left when they are gone is difficult to describe. The comfort that a dog can give just by being near you is amazing. Our house is so quiet without Molly here. Just listening to her breathing was nice - and her snoring was adorable. Wendy & I were talking about how you get used to your own dog's idiosyncrasies, and having other dogs around is nice but just not quite the same. I'm looking forward to when we get a pup, whenever that is. We're waiting until we're feeling ready, and clearly we're not there yet. We're still too attached to Molly right now.

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