Friday, January 02, 2009


We picked up our new foster dog today. Her name is Vikki, but I prefer Copper, so that's what I'm calling her. She must have some collie in her. She is as cute as they get. I love her already. Fortunately

she had an adoption application submitted within 12 minutes of her pictures so we know we have to give her up. It'll be tough though. She's a great little dog. She doesn't pester Molly much, she doesn't bark much, and she is SO CUTE!  

She also likes to sleep in the closet, which is unbearably adorable. She's tired right now, and is trying to settle enough to nap. Back in the closet!

She and another older pup were found on the reserve on Jan 1st. There's another dog, a boxer, who has been abused, and they can't get her to come to them. They are leaving food, and going back to her regularly to see if they can convince her to come with them. Otherwise, with the weather we're having, she may die. Poor dog. Little Copper is quite healthy, loves food, and weighs 19lbs!  We call her chunky puppy.

It's cold here again, and we don't have a coat small enough for the little pup, so she's wearing one of Molly's. It's more like a full length robe on her!  Pretty cute though, and it doesn't seem to bother her.

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