Friday, September 05, 2008

Poor Poodle

Molly has been having a lot of trouble with her back & hips lately, so she was getting injections to help. She must have been feeling better because on Wednesday she tried to jump up on the bed. She didn't make it, and fell backwards off the bed, hurting & scaring herself. Yesterday she seemed pretty good, but today when she woke up she couldn't put any weight on her left leg at all, and wouldn't walk. We assumed it was her back, and Wendy, who runs the daycare, kindly offered to take her to the vet. The vet also assumed it was her back, since that's how I described it, but after examining her, she didn't feel that was the major cause of the problem. She kept looking, and realised that her left back paw was hugely swollen. She took x-rays, thinking she might have broken her toes, but it turns out she has a terrible infection in it (cellulitis), and that's why it's so sore.

So at the moment she's not too happy, but at least it's something we can fix, and her back should feel better in a couple of days. The infection should go down in 5-7 days, and hopefully that'll be the end of that. Poor doggy.
You would think when looking at the picture that it is perspective making her left paw look so much bigger than her right, but it actually is that much bigger at the moment.

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