Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I've never had this happen before, but a bird has made a nest in one of my hanging baskets. The nest has 5 eggs in it. We had our tall friend Nicholas (6'8"!) take pictures of it. Then we decided to move the basket, because it was right at the top of the steps, and every time someone came to the door, the bird would fly out. We were afraid that it might get aggressive when the babies are born. So we moved it a little further along the overhang. We hoped the little bird would be able to find the nest again. Let me tell you, there were a few tense moments while it looked around! It kept going to the old location, then it would fly away. Fortunately after a couple of tries, it went to the new location, and found the nest. We watched it for a while, and it seems to be going to the correct location every time now, so we think it'll be OK. Once the babies are born we'll try to get some pictures of them.
I have no idea what kind of bird it is.
Some of the pictures here are a little blurry because Nicholas was reaching up with one hand to take them.

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