Sunday, August 26, 2007

Snake on a Plain

We thought we'd take the pup for a walk in the coulees this afternoon, as we had "ignored" her for 2 days while we were preparing for a party we had on Sat. We were only about 50 steps from the car when the dog stopped to poke around at something. That something started rattling, and we quickly realised she had found a rattlesnake! Fortunately she is somewhat obedient, and when John & I started yelling she came away. I went back to take some pictures of it, but I wasn't that keen on getting too close, so I don't know how clear the snake will be. I don't what the striking range is for a rattlesnake, but I didn't want to find out! It was a bit hard to tell as it was coiled up, but it seemed to be about 6 feet long, and 3-4 inches in diameter.
PS: John gets credit for the title of this entry!

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